Raster to Vector Artwork Conversion – Graphic Design Services

What is raster to vector artwork conversion?

The simplest way to explain this is that raster artwork is comprised of or made up of pixels which means raster artwork distorts or pixelates when enlarged or scaled beyond the boundaries of it’s dimensions. Watch the embedded video to see how images distort.

Vector artwork is line artwork based on mathematical calculations. Vector artwork can be scaled up or down without losing quality or distorting.

Why does someone need raster to vector artwork conversion?
If someone wanted to scale a normal image for a tee shirt design or other large print it is impossible to scale a low resolution raster image large enough to use in place of a vector based image.

If you plan on using your business logo on a variety of swag such as mugs, business cards and t-shirts then I would highly recommend having a vector copy of that logo.

Get your raster artwork converted to vector artwork!